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Tips for Backpacking Myanmar 2016

When I traveled to Albania over the summer, the country seemed like a big puzzle before entering, but having left, I felt like I understood it. You can’t grasp a full culture solely by reading about it online or in textbooks. The same was the case for Myanmar, a country that I previously knew nothing of […]

Expat Life in Myanmar’s Wannabe Capital

One of my favorite discoveries while traveling is coming across close-knit, like-minded friends who are reminiscent of friends back home. They immediately involve you in whatever upcoming plans they have going on so in this case, not only do you quickly feel comfortable in a new environment, but also culturally engaged as you take part in activities […]

City Life in Myanmar: Fusing the Past & Present

After checking into our hotel, Carlo and I went on the prowl for dinner. Roaming street after street, we were captivated and overwhelmed by the amount of activity bustling on around us. Although we had only been roaming Bangkok’s chaotic streets a little over a week prior, we had spent the days since in quiet, rural […]

Stomach Troubles and Wine of Inle Lake

With Oscar having left for Bagan by night, Carlo and I retired to our pre-booked room that looked way too nice for the price ($7.50 per night). We instantly drifted off to sleep, lulled by the warmth of the blankets in the heat of the guesthouse. Even better, the shower had the hottest and highest […]

Hiking to Myanmar’s Second Largest Lake

Abruptly woken up, I was hesitant to believe that the bus co-pilot was telling the truth when he claimed that we had already arrived in Kalaw. I peered down at my phone, it was 3am. How could we have arrived three hours earlier than anticipated? Arriving late was always expected, but arriving early? That never […]

The Rollercoaster Ride to a Golden Sunset

When we boarded our late bus, we were intrigued by the odd interior design. Off white colored and patterned blankets covered each seat and faded pink curtains surrounded each wall. In the front, a TV screen played a looping video of zoomed in Buddha faces with Burmese chanting over it similar to the video below. […]

Why Not to Eat Bananas Before Hiking

“It’s going to be a hot two weeks,” Carlo said as we gazed out to the towering mountains dominating the flat landscape in front of us. Alongside Carlo and me stood Oscar, Mike, and Judit: Oscar, the Brit that we had met at the bus station and Mike and Judit, an English/Spanish couple who had […]