Jonas began his solo travels in Istanbul, Turkey at the end of August 2015, and at first planned to do a work exchange in a hostel. When this fell through due to issues with misunderstandings of the jobs he was expected to perform, he instead moved into an apartment with two Turkish brothers who became his roommates and best friends in the month and a half he spent in the city. At the end of September, he spontaneously found a cheap flight to Ukraine, so went and traveled around the country for nine days tracking down his lineage, seeing beautiful architecture, and getting lost in translation.

Upon returning to Istanbul, he spent another two weeks in town before flying out for a month of travel in Egypt (2 of which were with the other Bromads). During this time, he made a trip down to Luxor in the south of Egypt, but the rest of his time was spent wandering the busy and bustling streets of Cairo. Overwhelmed with the differences in such a conservative country after the four weeks in Egypt, he took solace in visiting his sister and brother in law in London where they had recently moved, and spent a week and a half with them.

Jonas found another work exchange in a hostel in Bucharest, Romania, and in the middle of November headed back to the Balkans. During his travels with Jeremy in the summertime, he fell in love with the Balkan countries they visited, so he vowed to come back and experience more. He worked in Bucharest for a month, then traveled into Moldova, and back into Ukraine to check out the city of Odessa. After a week and a half of Eastern European adventures, he flew from Bucharest to Madrid, and was reunited with one of his best friends Mal.

Together, they hitchhiked and couchsurfed all over Morocco for a month. When Mal had to leave to get back to her studies, Jonas then flew back to the UK, where he began a work exchange helping around the house and to babysit two children in the countryside. As much as he enjoyed reliving bits of his childhood through adventures in the woods and building legos, he will be leaving on Friday back to London to begin another work exchange refurbishing a boat while living in a tree house inside a coal barge next door.