In the summer of 2015, Jeremy spent three months backpacking from Berlin to Athens with his brother Jonas. At the end of the summer, Jeremy and Jonas’ parents flew to Greece and met them after they had crossed borders from Sarandë, Albania to Corfu, Greece. All four of them road-tripped and island hopped across Greece for two weeks until Jeremy and Jonas flew to Istanbul, Turkey and their parents flew back home.

In Istanbul, Jeremy met up with his friend Milo where they boarded a night bus to Southwest Turkey to work on a lavender farm for two weeks. After the farm, they visited several attractions of the country in between two other work exchanges (art center maintenance and felt hat making).

In Mid-October, Jeremy, Jonas, and Milo flew to Cairo, Egypt where they traveled for two weeks down the Nile to Luxor then back up to Cairo before flying onward to India. Jonas remained in Egypt for an additional week before embarking on his continued independent travels while Milo and Jeremy simultaneously spent the next three months traveling together through India and Thailand.

After working at a homestay in Bangkok, Milo flew home as Jeremy continued his travels in Asia, exploring Myanmar, Malaysia, and Vietnam in the remaining months before meeting his family in London. After London, Jonas and Jeremy began travels again together through Scotland, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and Netherlands before again parting ways. Jeremy lived in Amsterdam for a month before meeting back up with Jonas a final time to end their year as they began, attending Fusion Festival outside of Berlin.