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The Kindness of Ukraine Pt. 4

What would travel be for me if I wasn’t always finding ways to press myself for time and rushing to get public transportation to my next destination? The morning began with taking the metro to catch a 7:30 bus to Zhyotmyr, the city where my grandfather’s father had been born and grew up. But of […]

The Kindness of Ukraine Pt. 3

Arriving early in the morning after a fast train from Lviv, I stepped out of the bus station with directions in hand to go to my hostel. What should have taken twenty five minutes ended up around forty five, as I was mesmerized by the architecture again while walking through the streets. Once inside, I […]

The Kindness of Ukraine Pt. 2

The train arrived exactly at 9:02PM, as I swiftly got off and walked out of the station to look for my couchsurfing host. Yosyp had told me that he’d be wearing green pants, so when I went outside he was not difficult to find. We began to talk about travels and gun laws as I […]

The Kindness of Ukraine Pt. 1

Even after doing research and finding many sources online to show how safe a country is, many people unfortunately are stuck with the hurtful and strong opinions western media portrays of countries in conflict, war, and tough political negotiations. Ukraine is one of these countries. When I began my travels, I had an urge in […]

Thoughts on Living in Istanbul

I think that the easiest way to sum up my life in the past three and a half weeks since my last blog post has to be through a series of stream of consciousness writing….so here we go. Looking at all the photos and places I have been during this time makes me feel as […]

Misfortunes into Opportunities

What a crazy week it has been. Upon arriving in Istanbul, I was excited on the 28th to begin my first work exchange to kickstart my work/travels and arrived on the bus from the airport with Jeremy at the hostel I would be working at for the next month. When I arrived, I met one […]

Finally in Sarandë

If you search online “public transportation in Albania” you are bound to find crazy stories of people taking furgons or small mini buses from one destination to the next. Many talk of insane drivers, old vehicles, and awful road conditions. Although we had experienced riding in many donated buses/furgons that could have easily been from […]

More Hills in Gjirokastër

The sound of an animal squeaking was a bit confusing coming from a cardboard box in the front of our furgon (virtually a mini bus or VW), the main form of transportation throughout Albania. As Jeremy and I questioned what it could be, our new friends from London were also inquisitive as to what type […]

The Kindness of Strangers in Shkodër

We didn’t know what to expect when crossing the border from Montenegro to Albania. All the stories we had read online and people shocked by us going to Albania had made us really excited for this part of our trip. Would the border be as disorganized and confusing as people made it out to be? […]

Hitching in Herceg Novi

At the end of our stay in Kotor, Jeremy and I did a day trip to Herceg Novi, a coastal town on the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro. We were able to snorkel and explore an abandoned prison that last functioned as a concentration camp run by Italy. When we went to go home, the last bus […]

The Fantasy of Kotor

When you see photos of a place online and immediately know you have to visit, it is exciting to make up ideas in your mind of how it will be in person. Kotor Bay in Montenegro was that place for me, and after seeing photos of the beautiful mountains and breathtaking views over the water […]

The Colorful Streets of Belgrade

Our train to Belgrade was the first one that had arrived early of any form of public transportation we had taken so far on our trip. Walking inside, a blast of cool air from the more than inviting air conditioned car hit us on all sides, and it was extremely relieving after being covered in […]

Budapest is Best

Round three of nearly missing our public transportation occurred as we spedwalked to the train station near Bence’s house to head to Budapest. Upon arriving in Budapest, we left the train station and were surrounded by beautiful decaying buildings as we headed to take the tram to Bence’s sister’s apartment, our next temporary home. As […]

Exploring the Endless Tunnels of Fort Monostor

“10 MINUTES!!,” I yelled to Bence and Jeremy as we threw our day bags together and realized the train we were taking was a 10 minute walk away, not including waiting in line to buy tickets. We were headed to Fort Monostor, the largest fortress in Central Europe that was built between 1850 and 1871. […]

Goodnight Vienna

It’s really helpful to have friends all over the world, because when you are looking for inexpensive forms of transportation from one place to the next, being able to look the information up in the native language usually has better results. This is exactly what happened when I asked my friend Pavel from Prague for […]