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Hitching Through Morocco Pt. 4

As the time in which I planned to volunteer at a work exchange grew closer, and my travels with Mal shortened, I began to worry. I had sent two work exchanges messages asking them to confirm for me whether I’d been accepted for a position, and although both had seen my messages, neither had responded. […]

Hitching Through Morocco Pt. 3

Luckily for us, the off duty police officer who decided to pick us up while hitchhiking from Essaouira to Casablanca was very friendly. He didn’t speak much English but understood bits and pieces as we explained our trip to his big smiles exclaiming his happiness at tourists loving his country. He had his policeman hat […]

Hitching Through Morocco Pt. 2

After two hours of driving through beautiful greenery, Mal and I arrived in Essaouira with a ride from our new-found Berlin friends Chris and Bella that picked us up while hitchhiking. Our couchsurfing host, an older man who was a waiter at a five star hotel, eagerly awaited our arrival as we were dropped off […]

Hitching Through Morocco Pt. 1

In our four days before leaving to Morocco, Mal (one of my best friends from home who decided to come join me for a month of travels)  and I honestly didn’t do much of anything besides catching up, going for spontaneous hikes, and practicing our (lack of) Spanish. Unfortunately Mal had a flight delay causing […]

Going Underground in Odessa

Odessa immediately had me in love as we entered the outskirts of the city and were greeted by the tall, ubiquitous post-Soviet architecture. I knew these skyscrapers were a misnomer for the beauty  in the center of the city, giving way to incredible Austro-Hungarian architecture that I had come to love about past cities I’d […]

Going Behind the Iron Curtains

Transnistria (also called Trans-Dniestr or Transdniestria) is a partially recognized state located mostly on a strip of land between the River Dniester and the eastern Moldovan border with Ukraine. Since its declaration of independence in 1990, and especially after the War of Transnistria in 1992, it has been governed as the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR, […]

Back to Balkans Pt. 3

Moldova. What comes to your mind when you think of this country? Don’t kid yourself, were you even aware that it was a country before this post? Or that it’s situated in between Romania and Ukraine? Maybe you know about its famous reputation for producing some of the finest wines in the world, that can […]

Back to Balkans Pt. 2

The idea of hitchhiking has always interested me since I was young, whether it was hearing my parents’ stories about doing it to get to concerts, other towns around where they lived, or reading about it in books. Hearing about these adventures, I envisioned being filled with the excitement of not knowing who you’d be […]

Back to Balkans Pt. 1

Reading online blogs about people visiting Bucharest in Romania made it seem as though this city was an up and coming metropolis for music, art, and interesting culture. When Jeremy and I travelled through the Balkans, Romania also peaked my interest, but it was out of the way so I made a mental note to […]

Finding the Yellow House

The bus was late, as per usual in my adventures, and Nat, Ben and I purchased unfortunate looking sandwiches for way more than they were worth to tide us over on our three hour bus ride to Bristol. Chatting with Courtney, we set up a meeting place (loosely which caused poor Courtney to scour around […]

It’s Always Sunny in the UK

As soon as I arrived in London, my mind started to ease at the thought of some much needed solace and tranquility from the harsh city life that had enveloped me whole for the past month in Cairo.  I unfortunately had a thirty minute layover in Rome that I needed to catch in order to […]

Outside the Bubble Pt.4

I’ve been couchsurfing now for close to two years, and every experience is unique and completely different from the next. Most of the time when I send out requests to people I am interested in being hosted by, I take the time to individually read over each profile and send out personalized posts to each […]

Outside the Bubble Pt.3

Rushing to the train station as usual, we sped through traffic in the taxi hoping that we were headed to the correct place. A man on the side of the road helped us to hail a ride and talked in Arabic to our driver, looking over our printed out tickets and then we were off. […]

Outside the Bubble Pt.2

When reading up on Egypt over the past couple years, my curiosity was piqued by an article on Atlas Obscura about a part of Cairo where a majority of the country’s Coptic Christians live and work sorting trash. Originally, the Zabbaleen (Arabic for garbage people) came to the area they presently reside in from Upper […]

Outside the Bubble Pt.1

Egypt: A place of worldly wonders, erratic happenings, and tantalizing sights and sounds. There would have been no way to prepare myself for what this country could entail. I (naively) figured that due to its large Muslim population, it would be similar to Istanbul, but that expectation was quickly blown out of the water as […]