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The Rollercoaster Ride to a Golden Sunset

When we boarded our late bus, we were intrigued by the odd interior design. Off white colored and patterned blankets covered each seat and faded pink curtains surrounded each wall. In the front, a TV screen played a looping video of zoomed in Buddha faces with Burmese chanting over it similar to the video below. […]

Why Not to Eat Bananas Before Hiking

“It’s going to be a hot two weeks,” Carlo said as we gazed out to the towering mountains dominating the flat landscape in front of us. Alongside Carlo and me stood Oscar, Mike, and Judit: Oscar, the Brit that we had met at the bus station and Mike and Judit, an English/Spanish couple who had […]

Big Changes in Bangkok

Immediately after stepping off the plane, the reverse culture shock began. Milo and I were overwhelmed at how different Thailand felt and sounded compared to India. It took us a few days to begin to process the foreign, high tech environment surrounding us including its steep escalators, digitized public transit tokens, monstrous 7-Eleven mini markets, […]

Posts To Be Revisited

It’s been a long four months of being behind on blogging but today that changes. I’m as tired of posting about old things as you are about reading them. While still interesting, (I hope), Milo and my recent posts don’t provide the glimpse I’d like into what’s been happening lately. I could post now about […]

Our Final Days in Turkey

Monday Monday morning came so quickly, it was odd not to wake up in our damp studio. Meltem had called around many different hospitals and was certain that she had found a travel clinic with all of our recommended vaccinations for India. We met her at the ferry over to Taksim but when we arrived […]

Felt Hat Making in Istanbul

I woke up to my phone vibrating. A new message from Sabri, our next Workaway host. Along with his address, he had told us to that’d he’d be around anytime after 6pm. What were we supposed to do until 6pm? I thought and went back to bed. Some time later I woke up to the […]

Art Center Maintenance in Gümüşlük

As we drove around the bend, the city of Bodrum was revealed behind the mountainous landscape. White architecture glowed a golden hue, the sun was fierce, and the city reminded me of several Greek towns that I had seen a few weeks prior. The bus continued driving until we reached the otogar. At this point, Milo […]

Lavender Farming at Lisinia

Flying through back alleys of Istanbul, we had finally driven out of the city’s wild traffic. Milo and I missed the shuttle to our coach bus from Taksim, but we were in a cab, racing down backroads to beat the shuttle to the otogar (bus station). We had just spent the past two hours in […]

The End of the Beginning

As I finish writing this on Milo and my ten hour bus ride from Istanbul to Burdur, Jonas and my summer European trip has officially come to a close. In the three months we’ve been traveling together, we’ve backpacked from Germany to Albania and roadtripped across Greece with our parents. We’ve met countless new friends, […]

Climbing the Great Pyramid of Tirana

Only 20 years ago Albania was essentially Europe’s North Korea. While Jonas and I were in Tirana, the country’s capital city, we had the opportunity to not only climb on top of but also explore the insides of a massive communist-era pyramid which once showcased the great leader’s legacy. Along the way we saw the […]

False Promises in Ulcinj

When we were looking for accommodation in Ulcinj, our final Montenegrin destination before Albania, we discovered a guesthouse offering our own apartment, air conditioning, a kitchen, and more with an amazing view of the Adriatic Sea. Even better, this listing was less expensive than all the hostels in town and it had great reviews. Without […]

Staying With A Ukrainian Family in Podgorica

Jonas and I made it to the bus station 20 minutes early to catch our bus from Belgrade to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro and surprisingly the bus was already there waiting. We boarded early, paying an additional euro to store our bags underneath. Jonas and I had finally figured out a good amount of […]

Belgrade’s Disappointing Nightlife

After spending the past day inside to avoid the heat and catch up on social media, Jonas and I decided that we’d check out Ada Ciganlija, an island in Belgrade, since the hostel’s receptionist had recommended swimming in the river there. When we told Steph about our idea for the day, she was immediately in. […]