It’s been a long four months of being behind on blogging but today that changes. I’m as tired of posting about old things as you are about reading them. While still interesting, (I hope), Milo and my recent posts don’t provide the glimpse I’d like into what’s been happening lately. I could post now about experiences such as climbing the Great Pyramids, but that moment already feels distant and so much has happened since.

One of the biggest changes happened this past week in Bangkok when Milo opened up to me about a mix of emotions that had been building up inside him for the past few months. Between feeling homesick, uncertain about the future, undecided for university (Fall 2016), and several other personal factors, he felt like the only option moving forwards for him was flying home for the remainder of the year. That night he booked his ticket home.

This was a very big change as we had been planning a year of travels for months before departing on our journey together but just like before, when we quickly changed our plans from traveling through Europe to also seeing Africa and Asia, I quickly re-adjusted plans, which now affected only myself.

Moving forward, will now cover the independent journeys of just Jonas and me on our year abroad. With Milo leaving, many blog posts about our time in Egypt, India, and Thailand have now fallen under my responsibility. As Jonas and I have expressed before, blogging, especially while traveling isn’t easy and our good friends Jonathan and Diana just happened to write up an excellent post about it.

Right now, I have many other important priorities to work on first like figuring out where I’ll be sleeping in a few nights, finding an apartment and roommates for university next year, completing scholarship essays to afford university next year, applying for my Burmese visa (Surprise! Next Destination: Myanmar), continuing to keep in touch with family and friends, and of course still enjoy living in the moment

So, to temporarily resolve this ongoing issue that has plagued our previous four months of travel, I have devised a new approach. I will publish this post as a teaser for what’s to come when I have the time to write about it. The next post I’ll be publishing will be about my time spent here in Bangkok, the most recent destination of my travels. Currently I’m residing back at the same hostel that Milo and I began our time in Bangkok at until January 3rd. That night I’ll be taking a bus from Bangkok to Mae Sot, in Northern Thailand to cross into Myanmar the same day with a new friend from Switzerland named Carlo. As I find more free time over the next few months, I’ll write about the missing travel posts from the time Milo and I shared together. Here’s what you can expect:

Egypt (Cairo & Luxor)

  • Seeing the pyramids
  • Couchsurfing in a palace
  • Struggling to apply to university without wifi
  • Exploring Islamic Cairo
  • Garbage City
  • Karnak & Luxor Temples
  • Experiencing rain in Egypt
  • Finding wifi


India (Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Kolkata)


Thailand (Bangkok)

  • Culture shock coming from India
  • Couchsurfing in a hostel full of other couchsurfers
  • 2 weeks work exchange at a homestay in Bangkok
  • Milo flying back home
  • Meeting Carlo (Swiss graphic designer) & planning Burma trip together
  • Back at the couchsurfing hostel for NYE