I’ve just finished watching two episodes of a new original Netflix series Chef’s Table and I really enjoyed it both in terms of content and aesthetics. One of the episodes I watched focused on farm-to-table dining and how it’s turning a concept which is hundreds of years old into something new and exciting. As people are finally beginning to reject mass produced, chemically infused, and machine line produced foods, this awareness is contributing towards a revival of conventional and natural farming.

While watching I couldn’t help but think of just how excited I am to experience working on an organic farm, one of which we’re currently setting up details with in the northern part of Turkey. Without having done any of the work yet, or even researched into the work organic farming entails, I have a few thoughts to share based on what I already know. I hope to learn more and expand on these thoughts once we’ve experienced the process.

It’s not like I don’t appreciate the food I eat, but I’m under the impression that I’ll always take it for granted unless I have this type of experience to put into perspective how much work goes into just one meal. I’m excited to try fresh food within walking distance from where it was grown and to be entirely aware of everything that went or didn’t go into it.

This thought then branched out into my interest in alternative education, and it struck me how essential it seems for children to work on a farm at some point during their childhoods. I never had the opportunity but I think I would have gotten so much out of it. Farming teaches people all of the hard work that goes into the food we eat. Not only would this allow a future generation to be mindful of the amount of time and energy necessary for growing, harvesting, and preparing food, but it would raise local produce sales and encourage healthy living and sustainable farming practices.

With a little less than four weeks left until Jonas and I leave, I’ve only got a few more items to add to the rest waiting patiently to be used on the cabinet at the end of my bed.

The last few items I need are:

  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad
  • wrinkle-free button-up shirt
  • shoulder camera bag